Tempting Fate: The Metro Photo Challenge…

4 thoughts on “Tempting Fate: The Metro Photo Challenge…”

  1. Hi Jesus,

    I read your blog post with great interest and personally wanted to leave you a “good luck” comment.

    No doubt other participants and viewers will enjoy reviewing your art work regardless of becoming the “winner of the day” (which I still hope you will become ;).

    As Ansel Adams would say “There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.”

    The Metro Photo Challenge team and myself wishes you all the best in the contest and thank you for your participation.

    Jeremy Bryant

    1. Dear Jeremy,

      thank you so much for your nice message. Receiving this type of messages is always encouraging!

      Participating in the Metro Photo Challenge is an exciting adventure which, like you said, is more than just competing for a prize: hopefully it will help me do some networking with other photographers and share my photos with a wider public.

      Thank you for organizing such an amazing initiative! 🙂

      I hope we can keep in touch.

      Warm regards,


  2. Thank you Jesus for your kind reply.
    We added this year a way for you to follow other photographers around the world on our platform, so feel free to get inspired and reach out to photographers of interest via their facebook account 🙂
    And yes, you do have my mail details, do keep in touch if needed
    All the best

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