Peruvian Lunch…

Today is Lima’s 479th anniversary so I decided to cook a very Peruvian lunch: rice, pinto beans, and beef, all spiced with a paste of yellow chili peppers and “ají panca” (a Peruvian dark red chili pepper.) I also had a Peruvian drink called chilcano (pisco, ginger ale, a bit of cane syrup, and some lime juice.)

If we add the colorful Peruvian tablecloth I recently brought from Lima to the food-drink combo, one could say that today’s lunch was a Peruvian explosion! And I’m really happy it was…


3 thoughts on “Peruvian Lunch…

    • Thank you very much for your nice comment!
      Well, normally it can be very “sweat worthy”/hot spicy, yes! But what I usually do to smooth the hot spicy flavor out is adding some water and a bit of cheap wine to the paste while the beef is cooked with it. The flavor is still solid but it becomes just mildly spicy.
      Have a good day and thank you for following the blog!…

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