Two Perfect Hosts in Villanueva (Asturias, Spain)…

Last May, as part of my trip to Europe, I was invited to spend almost a week with two very good friends, Vanessa and Oliver, who used to live in Durham (“Dur-home”, as we called it) in 2010 and 2011 but currently live in Villanueva, a quite small town in Asturias, Spain, (aprox. 200-ish inhabitants).

vuitres 4

(Villanueva, an extremely bucolic place)

I met them through a friend who studied Literature with me at college and who went to high school with Vanessa’s sister. We became friends very quickly since both Oliver and Vanessa (my dear “vuitres” –sorry, an inside joke–) share common interests with me: they love wine and cooking, have a witty and politically incorrect sense of humor (very British of Oliver), and are always excited about cultural studies, feminism, Marxism, and so on (as a matter of fact, Vanessa attended some Fred Jameson’s lectures at Duke with me when I took his course on diverse versions of King Arthur’s story). When I visited them in Spain, their baby, Amaru, was just few months old:

vuitres 1(Smile, Amaru!)

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