Fernando Pessoa Turns 125: Pessoa is Dead, Long Live Pessoa!…

On June 13th 1888, the most important contemporary Portuguese poet was born in Lisbon: Fernando Pessoa. Pessoa was not a mere poet; he became multiple poets by “inventing” alter-egos (his famous “heteronyms”) who had their own biographies and poetic styles. For instance, while Ricardo Reis (born in Oporto, 1887) had an intellectual almost fatalistic approach to life and poetry, Alvaro de Campos (Tavira, 1890) had different poetic phases, varying from extreme vitalism to a decadent melancholia. Other famous heteronyms are Alberto Caeiro (the master of most of the heteronyms), António Mora, Bernardo Soares, and Fernando Pessoa himself.

I don’t remember when I discovered Fernando Pessoa’s poetry. But what I do remember is that by 2003 Ricardo Reis was already my favorite heteronym. I remember this because I used to call one of the most special friends I have ever had “Lidia” (in English, “Lydia”), one of the women Ricardo Reis addresses to in his poems:

lidia as(This is Ángela, aka Lidia. Lima, 2008)

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Free as a Bird…

Photograph birds while they are flying. This will push your limits regarding precision when taking a picture, and boost your creativity and sense of composition when editing it.

Their freedom is, moreover, inspiring. Like The Beatles said: “Free as a bird is the next best thing to be. Free as a bird”

free 2 - copia(Outer Banks, NC. August 2011)

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Pure-Ecstasy Combo…

Traveling is one of my major passions. When you add photography to travelling, the mixture becomes joy. And when you add soccer to the previous combo, that’s pure ecstasy. One year ago, I had the opportunity to experience this pure ecstasy when I traveled to Warsaw, Poland to visit one of craziest people in the world and attended some public screenings of the Soccer Euro Cup!

DSCN0370(This is Lidia, one of my favorite people in the world, posing with the Polish flag and showing her disapproval to a controversial documentary on violence and racism in Poland and Ukraine broadcasted by BBC)

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The “Grey-Day Light”…

These have been rainy days in North Carolina, especially due to the “visit” of tropical storm Andrea during the weekend. I had to dust my umbrella off and literally walked on the water on Friday and today. If one sees the positive side in terms of photography, the nice thing about torrential rain is the smooth light that accompanies it. This particular type of light (what we could call a “grey-day light”) allows you to creatively play with overexposure (when the major bright areas of an image are brighter than the original allowing the spectator to “see more”) and underexposure (when shadows tend to the black, covering up areas that were originally visible in certain degree in the original) to create desired effects by the photographer. Precisely because it’s all about the effect the photographer wants to produce, the “appropriate” exposure is up to her (although a great number of photographers generally prefer underexposure over overexposure).

This “grey-day light” gave me the opportunity to photograph Duke’s chapel today. So I will share two pics of it: one taken before getting on the bus bringing me back home and the other one taken on the bus.

lluvia 5 - copia(Before getting on the bus)

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