A Blue Mind…

My mind always works as a web visually connecting perceptions, sensations, memories, and even fantasies and dreams. You could say every mind works like that. You could add that at the end of the day that’s what mind is for, right? Well, mine does that… obsessively. I’m a visual person. An unknown person’s face can suddenly remind me of a random friend of mine, a TV show character or a meme on Internet (and I’ll compulsively persist on remembering this friend, character or image if I can’t recall who or what it is immediately, until my mind finally links both the unknown and the known). When I was an undergrad in Peru and began exploring both World Art and Literature, my mind associated my favorite type of painting (French Post-Impressionism) with Arthur Rimbaud’s poetry. Quite Logical: Color. Color… And Color. And particularly blue: both “les soirs bleus d’été” in “Sensation” and the “immobilités bleues” in “Le bateau ivre” linked to the blue idol of Gauguin’s D’où venons nous?… and the nocturnal sky in Van Gogh’s Nuit étoilée sur le Rhône.

nuit etoilee

Furthermore and more recently, my mind associated one of my passions with French Post-Impressionism: photography. Photos I myself make rather than photos other people have taken. I have always wanted to capture color and force its deepest and most beautiful brightness to emerge… like the Post-Impressionist painters. Continue reading “A Blue Mind…”