The “Grey-Day Light”…

These have been rainy days in North Carolina, especially due to the “visit” of tropical storm Andrea during the weekend. I had to dust my umbrella off and literally walked on the water on Friday and today. If one sees the positive side in terms of photography, the nice thing about torrential rain is the smooth light that accompanies it. This particular type of light (what we could call a “grey-day light”) allows you to creatively play with overexposure (when the major bright areas of an image are brighter than the original allowing the spectator to “see more”) and underexposure (when shadows tend to the black, covering up areas that were originally visible in certain degree in the original) to create desired effects by the photographer. Precisely because it’s all about the effect the photographer wants to produce, the “appropriate” exposure is up to her (although a great number of photographers generally prefer underexposure over overexposure).

This “grey-day light” gave me the opportunity to photograph Duke’s chapel today. So I will share two pics of it: one taken before getting on the bus bringing me back home and the other one taken on the bus.

lluvia 5 - copia(Before getting on the bus)

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On Guinea Pigs and a Peruvian Cat…

My best friend, Teresa, just bought two guinea pigs: H and M. After some treacherous events in the last 36 hours (I accidentally dropped H so she hit her arm on the wall and has been limping since; there was an original M but she was bigger than H so there was some territorial conflict between each other; we went to the pet store to replace the original M with a “new M” and then to the vet to see how grave H’s injury was…), both of them are now sleeping in a cage full of alfalfa, kale, hay, and carrots at Teresa’s place. H and new M seem to get along with each other very well: they hung out and made their typical “happy squeaking” while Teresa and I were watching an episode of Veronica Mars. This is the first photo of H ever, and hopefully I’ll post a picture of M soon. Say hi, H!

h 1Petting H while watching TV reminded me of my Peruvian cat: Clovis. She’s 14 years old already meaning she has accompanied me during my entire youth. Continue reading “On Guinea Pigs and a Peruvian Cat…”

Some Basic but Relevant Tips on Photography Composition…

Composition is perhaps the most important aspect of photography for me. I have developed an increasing awareness about it and would like to believe that this awareness has made my photographs look better progressively. Because our eyes tend to explore images both horizontally and vertically rather than to focus on a single central point, arranging the elements of a picture creatively can make a photograph more dynamic and appealing.

However, I don’t consider myself an expert on composition, so, like I said in a previous post, when facing a new adventure, consulting people with previous experience sounds like a good idea. By simply typing “tips photography composition” on Google, I was able to find the following web page some time ago; this link has been very useful since the first time I read it. These 10 tips are pretty basic (rule of thirds, balance, depth, and so on) and you may unconsciously know them already; however, they are quite relevant either if you are beginner or want to continue boosting your photography skills. Read them carefully; I guarantee that after reading them, you’ll feel like grabbing your camera to explore new possibilities.

10 Top Photography Composition Rules

Obviously, these are just tips, recommendations, pieces of advice, and not fixed rules that everybody needs to apply irrationally and all at the same time. Use the ones you consider more relevant regarding the effect you want to create in your photos.

Now, let’s see a concrete example of how some of these tips work. This is a picture of my best friend Teresa when we were in Wilmington, NC, last May filming our most recent short.

teresa wilmington

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The Red Bridge…

Duke has several beautiful places to photograph: the chapel, the yard in front of Old Chemistry, a hidden arbour close to East Duke Building… But my favorite place is definitely Sarah Duke Gardens. During my first semester as a Duke graduate student, I lived on Central campus and so sometimes I had to cross the gardens to get to some classes on West campus. Since it was fall, I was able to see how leaves changed colors and it was one of the most wonderful experiences in my life. (We only have two basic seasons in Lima: clear skies and gray skies –I wouldn’t call them summer and winter). So you can imagine how astonished I was when I saw orange, yellow, red, and dark purple leaves for the first time in my entire life!

orange leaveSpecifically at the gardens, there is a special place for me: the red bridge. Its redness is so bright that it is almost impossible to miss it. People love it so much that newlyweds, families, random visitors, Durhamites and, of course, Duke students get pictures of it and on it. I myself got one! Continue reading “The Red Bridge…”