Barranco: Winter and Summer…

Barranco is the bohemian district in Lima par excellence. One can go all over the place and visit art galleries, meet friends at cafés (being Bisetti my favorite) and obviously have some drinks at a bunch of bars (Sargento Pimienta, Ayahuasca, Tizón, La Noche, Mochileros, Help, Santos, Piselli, and so on and so forth): Barranco is literally the synonym of night life in Lima.

Barranco is also amazing because of its panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean and part of the city. The two photographs of Lima that I showed on my last post, for instance, were taken there. Today, I wanted to share two other pictures of Lima, its coast and its sky, taken from Barranco. The first one is quite dramatic: look how the roughen sea and the grey sky mingle, making the barrier dividing them in the horizon almost disappear.

barranco 2(Barranco. July 2013)

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