São Paulo Revisited…

Amazing, friendly, immense, warm, colorful: these are the adjectives coming to my mind when I think of São Paulo. The 5 days I spent there were incredible as the pictures from my previous post demonstrate. The hosts of the conference I attended were really generous and gave us a ride every time we needed one (to the University of São Paulo from our hotel, to the restaurant for lunch from the university, to a bar to celebrate the conclusion of the conference, and so on). As I mentioned before, on Wednesday we visited Santos, a city next to the beach where I saw one of the most beautiful twilights in my life:


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A Visit to Santos…

I arrived in Sao Paulo safe and sound; however, my pocket is in danger here since it’s a quite expensive city. For instance, a ride from the airport to my hotel in Pinheiros costed 130 reals (around 57 bucks).

Yesterday, the organizing committee of the conference I’m attending planed a visit to Santos, a beach city that is 50ish kms away from Sao Paulo.

We had different activities over the course of the day. First, we got on a streetcar for a historical tour in downtown.


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