Original vs. Edited: Exposure…

It’s time for an “original vs. edited” post!

Previously, I tried to define what exposure is in a very simple way: a photograph is underexposed when the amount of light and brightness is reduced so more shade and darkness are created, and the edited image looks more obscure than the original. In contrast, a photograph is overexposed when the amount of light and brightness is incremented so details that were originally hidden by shade are clearer and the edited version looks brighter than the original. Of course, this sounds very abstract if one lacks of a picture to compare these two concepts. That’s why, let’s see what happens when we underexpose and underexpose a picture I posted some days ago.

Some friends and I launched a Kickstarter campaign to make a short mystery movie in Wilmington, NC. The first day of filming the sky was very grey and it even rained heavily for a while, which made filming both challenging and exciting. We end up filming a distinguished beach house mystery (coming soon)! Among the pictures that I took to document our adventure, I particularly like this one because of the dynamics established by the interaction between the sky, the ocean, and the pier. Let’s see the original:

cielo 4 - copia(Wilmington, NC. May 2013)

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Barranco: Winter and Summer…

Barranco is the bohemian district in Lima par excellence. One can go all over the place and visit art galleries, meet friends at cafés (being Bisetti my favorite) and obviously have some drinks at a bunch of bars (Sargento Pimienta, Ayahuasca, Tizón, La Noche, Mochileros, Help, Santos, Piselli, and so on and so forth): Barranco is literally the synonym of night life in Lima.

Barranco is also amazing because of its panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean and part of the city. The two photographs of Lima that I showed on my last post, for instance, were taken there. Today, I wanted to share two other pictures of Lima, its coast and its sky, taken from Barranco. The first one is quite dramatic: look how the roughen sea and the grey sky mingle, making the barrier dividing them in the horizon almost disappear.

barranco 2(Barranco. July 2013)

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Clouds, Skies, Photographs…

In a previous post, I mentioned that it was quite rainy here in Durham last week… Yeah, I know, weather is one of the typical boring topics some people start/restart conversations with in awkward moments. But regarding photography, weather can be a perfect excuse to take magnificent pictures of either weird clouds (cumulonimbus, altostratus, stratocumulus, you name them) or clean skies. For instance, what do you think of these dark stratus clouds entirely covering Lima’s sky (July 2012)?

cielo lima 1

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