The Adventures of H&M…

On a previous post, I mentioned that my best friend, Teresa, bought two guinea pigs, H and M, recently. Since I am helping Teresa to take care of both little creatures, I have become a sort of dad for them (Happy belated Father’s Day to me!).

H is white and her face is partly brown. Accidentally she broke her right leg the first day Teresa bought her (I dropped her and she hit on a wall, ooooops!) but has been progressively recovering since. Her weight was 316 grams 10 days ago and she has gained 50 grams in this period of time. She loves oranges and hay and I particularly love her tiny mouth:

h 2(Hi, followers and visitors! My name is H; what’s yours?)

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On Guinea Pigs and a Peruvian Cat…

My best friend, Teresa, just bought two guinea pigs: H and M. After some treacherous events in the last 36 hours (I accidentally dropped H so she hit her arm on the wall and has been limping since; there was an original M but she was bigger than H so there was some territorial conflict between each other; we went to the pet store to replace the original M with a “new M” and then to the vet to see how grave H’s injury was…), both of them are now sleeping in a cage full of alfalfa, kale, hay, and carrots at Teresa’s place. H and new M seem to get along with each other very well: they hung out and made their typical “happy squeaking” while Teresa and I were watching an episode of Veronica Mars. This is the first photo of H ever, and hopefully I’ll post a picture of M soon. Say hi, H!

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