TLC Sessions…

Last night I continued photographing Teresa’s little guinea pigs with my new camera. The four of us have our movie/TV show session almost every evening either at my place or most frequently at her place (or shall I say at their place?). So far we have seen a fun variety of things: James Bond’s Dr. No, two episodes of House of Cards, Leatherheads (with George Clooney), Analyze This (with Robert DeNiro), and so forth. Since our TV sessions are also TLC (Tender Love and Care) sessions with H&M, I always grasp this opportunity to take pictures of them. And now that I have a new camera I can compare the Powershot I commonly used with the brand new EOS Rebel T3 I got on Wednesday. The difference is shocking:

h and m 3(June 25th. Teresa with the babies. Taken with the A2200 Powershot)

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New Camera, Same Guinea Pigs…

I have been using a Canon Powershot A2200 to take most of my photos and I can’t complain. I used it over the course of my trip to Europe last summer, throughout this academic year here in Durham, and during my last visit to Lima in December-January. For its relatively low price, it takes excellent pictures especially in open spaces and when a good amount of light is available. Of course, it has some limitations, like when using it indoors with little light or in the evening in open spaces.

As a consequence, I decided to buy a new camera this week: a Canon EOS Rebel T3. I know, I know; there’s already a Rebel T4 and even a T5 but I read diverse comments online suggesting that a T3 is a perfect first step for people who love photography but have never used DSLRs before. I got the camera today so the first thing I did with it was photographing my friend Teresa’s guinea pigs, H&M. Since she launched a blog about them recently, we agreed that taking pics of the baby piggies would benefit both me and her. We were amazed by the quality of the new camera compared to the Powershot (as it should be) and I’m looking forward to take tons of pictures these days!

Now, check how photogenic these little creatures are!


(What’s that black thing pointing to us, M?)

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The Red Booty…

A couple of days ago, I mentioned that M, Teresa’s guinea pig (and well, mine too, let’s be honest) got ringworm around her right eye. I also mentioned that we tried different solutions to prevent her from worsening her wound and failed categorically. In this picture, you can see the “solutions” we came up with: we cut the top of a plastic bottle to make a cone and put some cotton inside; we bought a vest for guinea pigs; we cut the heel of a sock to use it as a hood; we also bought rubber boots for small dogs to cover her back leg; and finally we made a woolen-thread collar and inserted some of the rubber boots to create a sort of shield for her face. They were very creative and made a lot of sense… Did they work? Well, did I say we were… unsuccessful?

solutions(Our hilariously crazy “solutions”)

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The Adventures of H&M…

On a previous post, I mentioned that my best friend, Teresa, bought two guinea pigs, H and M, recently. Since I am helping Teresa to take care of both little creatures, I have become a sort of dad for them (Happy belated Father’s Day to me!).

H is white and her face is partly brown. Accidentally she broke her right leg the first day Teresa bought her (I dropped her and she hit on a wall, ooooops!) but has been progressively recovering since. Her weight was 316 grams 10 days ago and she has gained 50 grams in this period of time. She loves oranges and hay and I particularly love her tiny mouth:

h 2(Hi, followers and visitors! My name is H; what’s yours?)

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On Guinea Pigs and a Peruvian Cat…

My best friend, Teresa, just bought two guinea pigs: H and M. After some treacherous events in the last 36 hours (I accidentally dropped H so she hit her arm on the wall and has been limping since; there was an original M but she was bigger than H so there was some territorial conflict between each other; we went to the pet store to replace the original M with a “new M” and then to the vet to see how grave H’s injury was…), both of them are now sleeping in a cage full of alfalfa, kale, hay, and carrots at Teresa’s place. H and new M seem to get along with each other very well: they hung out and made their typical “happy squeaking” while Teresa and I were watching an episode of Veronica Mars. This is the first photo of H ever, and hopefully I’ll post a picture of M soon. Say hi, H!

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