Independence Day = Family, Food, and Music…

It’s Independence Day here in Peru today! July 28th, 1821: 192 years ago, General José de San Martín proclamed our independence “by the general will of the people and the justice of its cause that God defends”. Today, as per use, the President gave a really general speech and some colorful parades occurred all over the city.

To celebrate it, my parents and I went to El Cascajal, a restaurant serving a buffet of typical Peruvian food yesterday. We were all wearing red clothes, which made us the “patriotic” family there:


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Colegio Claretiano’s Patriotic Parade…

Peru’s Independence Day is on July 28th. That day, the President always gives a speech evaluating the previous year and, naturally, promises things and things and more things that citizens forget a week after. On July 29th, we have the National Patriotic Parade, an event in which soldiers, police officers, police dogs, and so on, march on an avenue specially decorated for that day. (Sometimes, there are tanks and military planes too).

Moreover, during the entire month of July, people hoist Peruvian flags at their places (there’s a fine if one doesn’t do it); there is a bunch of patriotic parades everywhere, and most of the workers receive extra money with their normal salaries as an incentive (and, of course, big stores offer great sales to benefit from the consumerism of individuals getting more money than per use).

My school (Colegio Claretiano, which was my primary, middle and high school) organizes a patriotic parade every year. This event always created a really high expectation among my parents. They used to attend the parade and take pictures of me either wearing a costume when I was a kid (traditionally, every grade is assigned a Peruvian department and students have to wear typical costumes of it) or marching with the color guard when I was an adolescent.


(Peruvian flag in the foreground. In the background, students in costumes at the main playground and excited parents on the second floor waiting for the parade to start)

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