My Dad, Jesús Hidalgo…

A great amount of my Facebook friends and acquaintances posted pictures of themselves with their dads yesterday (Father’s Day). That many of these pictures were taken when most of my contacts were children particularly called my attention. Childhood for lots of people represents the magic world where dad and mom are our superheroes who know everything and will never disappoint us; as a consequence, posting happy pictures of this idealized lost world seems quite logical. Fewer contacts, in contrast, shared recent pictures with their fathers (some of them even took them just yesterday). I guess in certain cases, they didn’t have recent photos because their fathers are not here anymore. And even in fewer cases, some people shared pictures of their moms since a number of mothers perform both roles (mother and father) very bravely nowadays.

Because this is a blog about photography, all these Facebook postings encouraged me to select and share diverse pictures of my dad taken during my most recent visit to Lima (December 25th -January 6th). First of all, he was born in Trujillo, Peru, on January 5th, 1943, so when I was born he was already 42 years old. Funny story: Jesús is the name of both of us, so for my family and relatives I am Pablo and he is Jesús (my middle name is Juan Pablo; I was born in 1985 when Pope John Paul II visited Peru for the first time). 

enano 4(Pablo and Jesús, or me and my dad)

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Barranco: Winter and Summer…

Barranco is the bohemian district in Lima par excellence. One can go all over the place and visit art galleries, meet friends at cafés (being Bisetti my favorite) and obviously have some drinks at a bunch of bars (Sargento Pimienta, Ayahuasca, Tizón, La Noche, Mochileros, Help, Santos, Piselli, and so on and so forth): Barranco is literally the synonym of night life in Lima.

Barranco is also amazing because of its panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean and part of the city. The two photographs of Lima that I showed on my last post, for instance, were taken there. Today, I wanted to share two other pictures of Lima, its coast and its sky, taken from Barranco. The first one is quite dramatic: look how the roughen sea and the grey sky mingle, making the barrier dividing them in the horizon almost disappear.

barranco 2(Barranco. July 2013)

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Clouds, Skies, Photographs…

In a previous post, I mentioned that it was quite rainy here in Durham last week… Yeah, I know, weather is one of the typical boring topics some people start/restart conversations with in awkward moments. But regarding photography, weather can be a perfect excuse to take magnificent pictures of either weird clouds (cumulonimbus, altostratus, stratocumulus, you name them) or clean skies. For instance, what do you think of these dark stratus clouds entirely covering Lima’s sky (July 2012)?

cielo lima 1

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