July 4th in Two Different Parts of the World…

In the Northern hemisphere, H&M celebrated Independence Day. Funny story: one would say that both piggies have the same status that their dad. H and M are Peruvian natives living the American dream in the States. To facilitate the obtention of their green cards, they wanted to show how much they respect the American symbols to the rest of the world:


(Happy and squeaky July 4th, dear followers and visitors! Click here to read our opinions and thoughts about it, and see more patriotic pics of us!)

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Lima: Day 1…

I arrived in Lima safe and sound today at 5:37 am (with “dinner” at 2 am included. Thanks, American Airlines!?) So, of course, after all the hugs and welcoming greetings, it was time for pictures!

First, a photo of my parents who went to the airport at 5:30 am. Here, a red light gave us enough time for a “smiiiile” pic.


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Leaving on a Jet Plane…

Today, I’m leaving for Lima to spend the rest of my vacation there. I am very excited about my 6-week trip because I’ll get to see my family:


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Lima, in One Week…

In one week, I’ll be in Lima visiting family and friends. I went to my home town last December (the beginning of summer in the southern hemisphere), as I mentioned before, so this time I will be able to compare the bright summer skies I photographed then with Lima’s “cielo panza de burro” (belly-of-donkey sky) which is very typical in the winter.

lima 2(We’ll see how different this sky will look in July. Lima, December 2012)

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